Watch How This Tiny Ant Saves Itself From a Gruesome Death [Incredible Footage]

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BBC Earth creates some of the best known and most popular documentaries on the planet, and if you want to get really specific, the best damn documentaries in the known universe. I own two copies of Planet Earth II on Blu-Ray and it’s by far one of the best footage I have seen.

Back in 2015, BBC Earth produced a surreal documentary series titled ‘The Earth’. One of the episodes in the series features this incredible footage of a Hotrod Ant getting attacked by an Antlion.

In the Namib desert where the sands can reach a scorching 70 degrees centigrade, very little is able to survive, but the Hotrod Ant can amazingly thrive and even forage for food. In this tense encounter an unsuspecting Hotrod Ant has strayed in AntLion territory and faces the ultimate test of survival.

You must watch the video above, because without it, you will not believe anything I explain about it.

This, right here, is one of the most incredible things I’ve seen on YouTube.

Absolutely Surreal!

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