Sony Adds Real-Time Eye AF for Animals to the Sony a6400 with Firmware Version 2.0

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Sony has just released a massive feature with the 2.0 for its Sony a6400 camera. This release brings the much-touted Eye AF for Animals feature to these cameras, which was previously available in the A7(R) III cameras since April.

Sony’s Real-Time Eye AutoFocus feature is an incredibly powerful feature to have on your cameras. We’ve tested this feature on the Sony A7III last month and the results it produces are ridiculously good. This zero-effort feature might sound trivial, but the results speak for themselves when you see them. Photographing your has never been this good and this easy.

Surprisingly, the feature is still absent in the top-of-the-line camera from Sony, the Sony A9.

Real-Time Eye AF for Sony a6400

The real-time Eye AF in the Sony a6400 currently only works with cats & dogs, with more animals being planned in the coming months. According to several reports, one of the major additions to this feature will be recognition of birds in flight, which would be a major point of attraction for wildlife & bird enthusiasts.

Click here to download the 2.0 firmware for Sony a6400 from Sony’s website and get going.

Here’s how the Sony Real-Time Eye AF feature works

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