This Little Tip Will Help You Remember the Difference Between 8 Bit and 16 Bit Images in Just 2 Minutes

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In this crazy world of , it’s fairly common to see some photographers who don’t even know some basic and minor aspects and principles, that are very critical when it comes to . Do the terms and confuse you? Have you ever asked yourself whether you should work with 8 bit or 16 bit images?

If you have never known the difference, fret not. has made available this lovely video to clear your confusion in just 2 minutes. This little tip will help you remember and answer the frequently asked questions about Pro Photography and Printing.

Short Notes to Remember

  • For better results and bigger prints, work in 16 bit mode. When you’re done, convert to 8 bit. We cannot print 16 bit images yet.
  • With HDR, it is recommended that you work with 32 bit files.
  • Use 16 bit files when working with Black & White photography.
  • We can only see 10 million colors.

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