This Little Tip Will Help You Remember the Difference Between 8 Bit and 16 Bit Images in Just 2 Minutes

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In this crazy world of , it’s fairly common to see some photographers who don’t even know some basic and minor aspects and principles, that are very critical when it comes to photography. Do the terms and confuse you? Have you ever asked yourself whether you should work with 8 bit or 16 bit images?

If you have never known the difference, fret not. has made available this lovely video to clear your confusion in just 2 minutes. This little tip will help you remember and answer the frequently asked questions about Pro Photography and Printing.

Short Notes to Remember

  • For better results and bigger prints, work in 16 bit mode. When you’re done, convert to 8 bit. We cannot print 16 bit images yet.
  • With HDR, it is recommended that you work with 32 bit files.
  • Use 16 bit files when working with Black & White photography.
  • We can only see 10 million colors.

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