Lens Techniques: Tips for Shooting Wide-Angle Portraits

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Rishi Sanyal, the editor of DPReview, talks about some of the consideration that go into making great wide-angle portraits. In this technique video, he uses the Sigma 24-35mm F2 Art to illustrate his case for wide-angle portraits, capturing a couple of models with a setting sun in Seattle’s lovely Discovery Park.

He says,

Wide-angle lenses are not the most common choice for portrait photography. Most Photographers prefer the creamy bokeh and subject isolation that you get from a faster with the longer focal length but personlly I prefer wide-angel lenses for portraiture they can provide a sense of that helps tell a story, they can also enhance depth and in my opinion the slight distortion you get from close up at 35 millimeters is similier to what we experienced when viewing loved once up close in essence you get a shot that feels like you’re standing right there with subject I think that it lends a familiarity and intimacy to the portrait.

Here are some photographs clicked by him with the Sigma 24-35mm F2 DG HSM ART

You can see his portfolio at this link – http://www.rishisanyalphotography.com/

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