Holy Shit! This Guy Built a Ditto Replica of the Famous Wooden Board from the Film Jumanji

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is one of the few that I’ve seen in my childhood and remember vividly. I loved every bit of the and it’s Robin Williams’s finest performances as well.

Coinciding with the upcoming release of the new Jumanji film (not tied to the original one), Steven Richter on YouTube built this amazing and ditto of the adventurous game from the film Jumanji (the original one). As you can see in the fasticnating video above, he starts with a few basic sheets of wood, then goes onto building the case, shaping it, adding hinges and other parts to it, then even handles the task of screen printing the text onto it, building the board’s graphics and even adds magnets to the board.

To say this is a magnificently impressive would be underselling it.

Go ahead, watch it. The video is guaranteed to leave you in awe and amazement.

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