How To Photograph a Beverage Bottle With Just A Single Light

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The folks at Fstoppers have teamed up with Commercial Photographer/Digital Artist Brian Rodgers Jr. to demonstrate how to photograph and composite an image for a commercial beverage. If you are interested in product photography, we highly recommend you sit down for this one. Brian focuses on the foundations of creating a crisp, clean, well-lit hero shot for advertising, essentially an image that will aid in selling the product.

In this video, Brian demonstrates how to shoot multiple frames of a liqueur bottle and then seamlessly blend & composite them together in to produce an standalone hero shot for advertising.

About the Photographer :

Brian Rodgers Jr. an American Advertising Federation award winning Commercial Advertising Photographer/Digital Artist based in South Bend, Indiana & owner of Digital Art That Rocks commercial photography studio. Brian specializes in product & beverage with an emphasis on the post production process.

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