Here’s How To Shoot Those Beautiful Half-Over Half-Underwater Photos Easily

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Have you ever wondered how people achieve those fabulous over-under shots in the water? I always did, and I have spent several hours trying to achieve the same result, but it always ended up looking massively terrible and nowhere near those incredible photos. Determined to get to the goal, I spent my researching and looking around online, going through tutorials and what not — in order to achieve that perfect result.

It took me a while, but then I landed up on Knekt Dome, via this amazing review of it by MicBergsma.

To get a good half-underwater photo, you’ll need to push the water away from the lens. When the water level is close to the lens, the field of view is reduced. A  Knekt dome does this very easily and helps to capture over-under or split when in water.

Love half underwater photos? On this upcoming weekend, we are posting some most awesome over-under water photos. Stay tuned!!!

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