Go Behind the Scenes for ‘Full Moon Service’ — Erik Johansson’s Latest Photo Project

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This is ’s latest photo project Full Moon Service. The photo was shot in late summer of 2016, on a beautiful calm evening, in the middle of Sweden and is a fascinating photo on so many levels. There is so much going on in this photo and there are minute details in every part of the photo.

Full Moon Service Photo

How Full Moon Service Was Shot

To stage the photo, Erik brought out a bunch of rice lamps or paper lanterns, light bulbs, an electric generator to power the lights in the middle of a field, a goods carrier vehicle and two models out in a field.

Here’s a three minute video that takes you through the process of making the photo come to life — right from from sketching the idea down on paper, to taking everything for the shoot, staging the shoot, shooting it and then onto the final composition and editing.

Who is Erik Johansson

Erik Johansson is a Swedish surreal photographer from Sweden based in Prague, Czech Republic. Working on both personal and commissioned projects with clients around the world. As a photographer Erik Johansson tests the boundaries between what is real and what is fiction. He describes his both unique and acclaimed style as unreal ideas implemented in a realistic way.

Check out Full Moon Service here

Buy Erik JOhansson’s Prints

If you like Erik’s work and would like to have one of his photos hanging up on your wall in the bedroom, you can order prints for his photos too. There are limited edition signed prints available from his web shop, or you can buy open prints available on INPRNT here.

Each photo is available in three different sizes; Small, Medium and Large. The Medium and Large prints are limited edition prints that are signed and numbered and shipped in a custom made package with a certificate of authenticity. These prints are produced in Stockholm, Sweden and usually shipped within 1-3 weeks from purchase. The Small print is an open edition fine art print and is not signed or numbered, distributed by www.inprnt.com (USA) and available for world wide shipping (import fee may occur). All prints, regardless of size, include free worldwide shipping.

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