8 Awesome Short Films to Watch At Home in Quarantine [That You Haven’t Already Seen]

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect thousands of people around the world every day, social distancing is being recommended as the most effective way of avoiding the virus. Many state and central governments have begun putting cities on lockdown and India has planned a #JuntaCurfew — a country-wide curfew-like situation on 22nd March 2020 from 7 AM to 9 PM.

As you find yourself quarantined at home, or have made a conscious decision to stay at home to avoid the coronavirus, you might probably be wondering how to spend your time. Streaming services have the same repetitive & boring content left because you’ve already watched the good ones, haven’t you? Don’t worry. We’ve got your back. Here are some amazing short films to watch while you spent your time at home in quarantine.

Now, we could just make a simple list of short films by looking at the most popular Hindi short films or the best Hindi short films on YouTube and picking the ones with Millions of views — but you’ve likely already seen them. So here are some short films that you’ve probably not seen yet, but are so good that you MUST watch them.

The Complaint

Harish Singh, a retired Bank Manager from Allahabad is carrying an emotional scar that makes him a skeptic of the Muslim community. But when a Muslim repair engineer comes to fix the old man’s laptop, something happens that proves to him that humanity is beyond hatred. The Army Officer displayed in this film is a real-life martyr who laid his life for the nation.

Directed by: Mrinal Bahukhandi and Produced by: Kalyan Ram Challapalli

Mamta Tonic

Watch Mamta Tonic Short Film Online

A traveling saleswoman. 3 potential customers. She weighs the pros of her homemade tonic against the cons of making tough choices in life. Srinivas Sunderrajan’s ‘Mamta Tonic’ stars Suhita Thatte, Shabnam Vadhera, Kiran Thapar and Atika Chohan.

Directed by: Srinivas Sunderrajan and Produced by: Terribly Tiny Talkies

One Minute Time Machine

It’s about him. It’s about her. It’s about time. Every time the beautiful Regina rejects his advances, James pushes a red button and tries again, all the while unaware of the reality and consequences of his actions.

Produced and Directed by: Devon Avery

Clever Girl

A troubled girl gets into an undesired conversation with a blabbering older woman.

Directed by Alexis Koukias-Pantelis & Produced by Laura McBride

Tight Spot

Shining the shoes of a walk-in customer, a shiner discovers his client’s dark secret.

Directed by Kevin Haefelin and Produced by Christina Wood

Love Trip

Directed by Dan Brody and Produced by Dan Brody & Daniella Kahane


A Twilight Zone-inspired cautionary tale about a young mother forced to come face-to-face with her deepest desire. Psychological thriller starring Austin Highsmith, Nolan Gross, Noah Swindle, Jake Muxworthy, Carter Jenkins, Virginia Tucker, + Ron Harper

Directed by Emily Moss Wilson and Produced by Greg Wilson + Benjamin Grayson

Okay Google

What happens when your Google Home starts being controlled by an unknown power?

Directed by Levi Morgan and Produced by NM&C

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