Acclaimed Director Mark Toia Explains Why He Uses a RED Camera

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makes some amazing cameras that are aspired and envied by everyone in the industry. The features and performance offered by their cameras are groundbreaking, and this is common knowledge already. But why do cinematographers and directors prefer cameras?

Let acclaimed director Mark Toia explain, as he describes his three major requirements for a creative tool and why uses RED cameras.

Image quality. Resolution is a critical component of image quality—giving cinematographers the option to reframe and resize each shot. The increased resolution in gives users not only more dynamic range, but also more color grading to play with.

Ease of use. Not only are RED cameras easy to set up, they make it easy to capture the perfect shot. When capturing 8K RAW footage, shooters have the flexibility to correct color temperature and exposure in post without permanently altering the original image.

Size/weight. Cameras need to be reliable and versatile enough to adjust with each shoot. Whether capturing images using a held held configuration, from a helicopter above, or even underwater—WEAPON 8K S35 can easily adapt to any shooting scenario.

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