Nikon D820 Rumored to Be Announced Soon

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Your wait may be finally over. The successor to the D810 — one of ’s top-end and most popular , is finally here. The Nikon is a full frame camera that is rumored to be announced at the end of July or early August, with a Nikon D820 release date scheduled around September. According to the news going around, the D820 will be a major update from D810 and will have big improvements and features.

According to some reports, the camera could be called the D850 instead.

Some of the specs rumored in the Nikon D820 include:

  • Nikon D820 is rumored to have a 45-46MP full frame CMOS sensor.
  • Nikon D820 will have same Autofocus system as in Nikon D5
  • The D820 is expected to be better at low and high ISO compared to Canon full frame DSLR cameras and also better than the D810
  • SnapBridge on Nikon D820 will be improved
  • No built-in GPS
  • Tiltable LCD screen just like the D750 and D500
  • The memory card slots will be the same as in the D500: one SD and one XQD

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