Here’s How You Can Make a Custom Case for Your Precious Camera Gear

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Finding a good for your precious camera and photo can be a frustrating task. We’ve spent hours searching for a good , both online and offline, and still haven’t found the perfect one. Thankfully, for folks in Northern America and Europe, there are plenty of options.

In their latest Monday episode, the folks at talk about building a custom case with MyCaseBuilder!

MyCaseBuilder allows you to customize the inserts of your hard graft case, using an easy to use wizard on your computer.

Why choose MyCaseBuilder?

— Easy-to-use web program
— Superior-quality custom foam
— Professional quality results

MyCaseBuilder is the ultimate tool for creating your own custom-designed foam inserts for cases of all shapes and sizes, with NO minimum order requirements. With our clean, web-based software package, there is no file downloading, no program installation, and most importantly — no hassle. With precision measuring aids and easy to use shape-manipulation tools, the only limitation to making the perfect foam-filled case is your imagination!

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