YI Action and Home Cameras Launched in India as Amazon Exclusives

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YI Cameras are now available in India as an Amazon India exclusive. The company makes a few models of Home Security and Surveillance Cameras as well Action Cameras for the adventurous folks. Starting today, you can now order these on Amazon India starting at just ₹2,990/-

Amazon India is currently offering the following models of YI Action and Home Cameras on their website. These camera models are available via Amazon Prime and have a shipping guarantee of One Day Delivery. YI Camera India Price and Availability is as follows:

YI Home Security Cameras in India

YI is currently selling the following home security and surveillance cameras in India via Amazon India.

YI Home Security Cameras India Price

All three of these YI home security cameras feature a 111/112 degree wide angle lens and record 720p footage.

YI Action Cameras and YI Sports Cameras in India

All of the YI Home and Action Cameras are wireless security cameras and are IP based surveillance cameras for your home or office. These YI cameras work with a smartphone app available for both Android and iOS smartphones.

You can check out the India price of Yi action cameras as well as the India price of Yi home cameras here and if you have made up your mind, you can click the link below and buy YI Home and Action Cameras in India.

Buy Now from Amazon

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