Sony Announces India Pricing & Availability of the Sony A9 Mirrorless Camera and Three New Full-Frame Sony Lenses

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Sony India has today officially announced the pricing and availability of the mirrorless Sony alpha A9 Camera for India. The Sony A9 or α9 was announced by Sony after the raging success of its alpha lineup of cameras, including the immensely popular Sony α7r II and Sony α7s II — both of which have earned rave reviews around the globe. Read on to know about the Sony A9 price in India.

The Sony A9 Camera (also known as α9 or ILCE-9) was introduced by the company just a few months ago, and today’s announcement reveals the Pricing and availability of the Sony A9 in India. The Sony A9 Camera is a mirrorless camera from Sony and the first in the A9 series. Previous cameras from Sony have been in the α7 series, i.e. the Sony α7 Camera, Sony α7r camera, Sony α7s camera, Sony α7r II camera, and the Sony α7s II camera, which has absolutely amazing low-light performance.

Sony A9 Specifications

The new Sony A9 features a world’s first 35mm full-frame stacked CMOS sensor, offering 24.2 megapixels of resolution in a light-weight and mirrorless body. It offers 5-axis in-body stabilization as well as a series-first blackout-free shooting at up to 20fps and according to industry reports, this works way better than it sounds. Other groundbreaking features of the camera include silent and vibration-free shooting at speeds up to 1/32,000 seconds, extended battery life, dual SD card slots, and ethernet port for file transfer.

Full Pixel Readout with No Pixel Binning

The Sony A9 offers the highest possible 4K more recording quality thanks to its full pixel readout with no pixel binning. The results are truly spectacular.

The Sony A9 Camera sports Fast Hybrid AF with 693 phase-detection and 25 contract-detection AF points. The viewfinder is a 3686K dots electronic viewfinder and offers 100% field coverage at 0.78x. The LCD screen featured on the camera is a 3-inch touch screen with 1440K dots.

Sony alpha A9 Camera India Pricing and Availability

Sony A9 India Pricing and Availability

The Sony A9 is priced in India at a whopping ₹3,29,990/- and will be available starting 29th July, 2017 at all Sony Center, Alpha flagship stores and other major electronic stores.

The India Pricing and availability of the Sony A9 Camera has caught us completely off-guard, for the sheer pricing alone. The Sony α7r II Camera, which I own, was priced at ₹2,39,xxx/-

The pricing of the Sony A9 Camera is almost ₹90,000 higher than its predecessor.

Three New Sony Full-Frame Lenses

Sony India also announced the pricing and availability of three new Sony full-frame lenses for its E-mount cameras.

  • Sony 100-400mm FE G-Master
  • Sony 16-35mm FE G-Master
  • Sony 12-24mm FE G

The first two lenses are from Sony’s GM lineup and are priced at ₹1,99,990/0 and ₹1,79,990/- respectively. These lenses will be available in the market starting July 24th, 2017.

The third lens is a G series lens that has been priced at ₹1,39,990/- and is already available in the market.

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